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  • Bellas Cupcakes delivers frozen cupcakes throughout Japan.
  • Visit our bakery in Shirokane Takanawa or the cupcake truck to pick up cupcakes
  • An american favourite Rocky Road is back! Marble vanilla and chocolate cupcake, with vanilla frosting chocolate chips, caramel and fluffy marshmallows. It melts as you bite.......
  • Celebrate a heart warming thanksgiving this month with yummy pumpkin frosted cupcakes.
  • CHRISTMAS cakes and cupcakes now available PRE-ORDER to grab your treat 

The cupcake truck is in Hiroo, Friday and Saturday at the National Azabu Supermarket from 11.30-6pm 

Visit our bakery in Shirokane Takanawa- 2-1-6 Takanawa Minato-ku, 03-6721-9747, open Tuesdays to Sunday until 3pm (Fridays and Saturdays until 4pm)